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How to carry out a people search in Hickman County in the state of Kentucky

If you are trying to track down someone who lives in Hickman County or to find information about someone who once lived in the region, you may think that the obvious places to try are social media sites like Facebook. After all these are the kinds of tools that people all over the US and, indeed, all over the world, have used to find old school friends, work colleagues and even ex-boyfriends and girlfriends. That’s all very well for some light-hearted fun, but if you are serious about finding someone that you have lost touch with or who went missing many years ago, Facebook and similar sites will not do the job. If you haven’t seen this person, whether it’s a friend or relative, for many months or years, you might not know what name they are using, where in Hickman County they are living and even if they are signed up to the particular social media site you are using to search for them. You could spend hours tracking down every “John Smith” on Facebook, only to find that the John Smith you are trying to find uses MySpace!

Whether you are trying to find someone to give them some important family news, because you want to meet a relative you’ve never seen or you just feel that now is the time to reach out and see if they would like to be reunited with their friends and family, this kind of undertaking deserves a serious search, not a few minutes playing around on the internet. Of course, there are some obvious places to start in Hickman County, such as marriage, birth and, unfortunately, death records. It is possible that in the time since you last saw them they have got married, started a family or even passed away. Many people who lose touch with their family do so because they were in trouble, so there is a chance that they might appear in arrest records or court documents from Hickman County or the wider Kentucky area. They may even have spent time in prison during that time, so a search of the past prison population might turn up some information about a previous address.

All these different searches will take up a lot of your time and perhaps even money. After all, if you live far away from Hickman County but are sure that your long-lost friend or relative is now living somewhere within the state of Kentucky, you will have to ask staff at the local courthouses, County Clerk and Registrar Recorder’s offices to carry out these searches on your behalf, unless they have their own online search facilities. Searching Hickman County and Kentucky records online will be easier, cheaper and quicker than using archive staff to do the search for you, but it is still a massive undertaking to make sure you search all the relevant documents and don’t miss out the one set of public records that could actually have helped you track the missing person down.

There are specialist online search sites that tie together information from dozens of different sources within Hickman County, the state of Kentucky and even across the US. After all, if you have lost touch with this person for many years, they could have moved from Hickman County by now and could be living anywhere in the country. Many of these sites charge fees for using their databases, especially if you want to see all the information associated with the search results which are returned – which is likely to be the case if you want to get back in touch with the person again! It is rare that someone has managed to avoid being mentioned in any public documents over a long period of time, but if they have changed their name, you might not get any “hits” on your search criteria. In these cases, the commercial sites usually don’t charge a fee and will often refund any money already paid. In the past, this kind of work would have been done by a private detective and would have cost you a fortune; now you can find your missing friends and family in Hickman County with just a few clicks of your mouse and at the cost of only a few dollars.